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Re: what do the X11R6 virtual package names *really* mean?

On Mon, 1 Jan 1996, Mark W. Eichin wrote:

> standards/virtual-package-names-list.text lists:
> 	X11R6                   XFree86 R6, including base system
> 	xR6shlib                XFree86 R6 shared library only
> I've put together a package of xterm_color (an xterm that supports
> ANSI color) and used a "Depends: xbase"; it appears that it should
> have used "Depends: xR6shlib", or possibly X11R6 -- since it relies on
> the NLS config files (if they exist?) and existing XTerm app-defaults
> file, I suspect the latter, but thought I'd check for clarification.

If it depends on pre-existing app-defaults files (which is probably not a 
good idea - maybe you should patch it to look for its own app-defaults 
file) then it should depend on X11R6. For a.out format packages, that's 
sufficient. ELF X packages should depend on libc5 (obviously) and 
elf-x11r6lib (a slightly awkward package name that I had to retain for 
compatibility with the interim elf-x11r6lib package).

I'd better get around to updating the virtual packages list soon.

Steve Early

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