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Re: dselect install times out screensaver (fwd)

> Ian J. said:
> > I have no idea how to do this, and I'm unconvinced that it would be a
> > good idea.
> Me neither.  Also possibly me too.  I dimly recall a SlackWare utility
> to massage the screensaver, but some "man -k"ing and grepping around
> didn't turn up anything on my debian system.

The utility is setterm. I have suggested, a long time ago, the
inclusion of this nice command. It is on sunsite under
apps/console, or something like that.

Regards, Emilio.

 Emilio C. Lopes
 FINPE, Instituto de Fisica      E-mail: ecl@if.usp.br
 Universidade de Sao Paulo       Phone: (55)(11) 818-6724 (Voice)
 Caixa Postal 66318                     (55)(11) 818-6715 (Fax)
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