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Bug#1351: pppd-2.1.2b is broken

Package: ppp
Version: 2.1.2b

Version 2.1.2b of ppp produces strange errors when you change the
speed of the connection/modem (see reports of Dale Scheetz on debian-users).

Here is, what Al Longyear has to say about it:

>However, you should know that 2.1.2b is __extremely__ old and so is the
>bug. It has been corrected a couple of months ago.
>The current version is 2.2. It is not 'beta'. It is released.
>You can find the 'current' released file on:
>ftp.netcom.com    in /pub/lo/longyear/ppp-2.2/ppp-2.2.tar.gz
>ftp.cps.umich.edu in /pub/ppp/ppp-2.2/ppp-2.2.tar.gz
>ftp.funet.fi      in /pub/OS/Linux/BETA/ppp/ppp-2.2/ppp-2.2.tar.gz


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