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Bug#1312: ghostscript-2.6.1pl4-4

Package: ghostscript
Version: 2.6.1pl4-4


1. Please don't use absolute paths like

    SOURCE_PARENT = /usr/local/src

for me works:


but you may find a better way using `pwd` statements.

2. Please propagate $DEVICE_DEVS1 from the Makefile in this manner:

    	make install_prefix=$(FAKE_ROOT)/usr \
            DEVICE_DEVS='x11.dev linux.dev' \
            DEVICE_DEVS1='dfaxhigh.dev dfaxlow.dev escp2.dev \
                {... all the other devs}' \
            XINCLUDE=-I/usr/include/X11 install_bin

3. Please move all Debian related stuff from Makefile to debian.rules.
The package will be simpler to maintain and for the user (resp. local
sysadmin) it is to see at one glance, what will happen.

4. Please provide in /usr/doc/copyright/gs the information, from where
the source code comes (prep.ai.mit.edu or alladin).

Feel free to ask, if my mail isn't clear enough.  Thanks, Karl.

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