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[Q] Remote logging with sysklogd

Hi folks!

Now that I've finished the manpages I can go on with the real work.

For the next release of our sysklogd we plan to control the ability of
remote logging by a commandline switch. We are not sure what shall be
the default behaviour, maybe you can help us and some of you drop me a

a) Default is remote logging disabled, "-r" turns it on


b) Default is remote logging enabled, "-r" turns it off

Both have advantages and disadvantages.

pro a)

    There are many hosts out in the net that still have the default
    configuration. This would prevent them from syslog-attacks.

    Every admin who wants to enable remote logging should know what he
    is doing and therefore should be able to read our fine new manpages.

contra a)

    The standard behaviour of syslogd would change if we chose this.

    I would guess that this is going to potentially cause a big
    commotion if we inflict it on the INTERNET community.

Could you please state some comments on that topic?

Thank you,


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