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Bug#2072: MANOPT not parsed well?

bruce@Pixar.com (Bruce Perens), in a magnificent manifestation of deity, wrote:
>A work-around would be to construct a shell program that evaluated to
>"less -c" and pass the name of that program in MANOPT. An alias won't

You could also set the LESS environment variable. i.e. LESS=-c,
personally, I have LESS=-Cefgh0mqs
You could also do alias man='LESS="${LESS:--}c" man' if you didn't want
to use -c at other times that you are using less.

>By chance, does man evaluate the $PAGER variable? I don't have man working
>at the moment on my own system due to an ELF library conflict.

Yes, it does.  At least 2.3.10-6 does.

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