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Bug#2076: reset(1)

PACKAGE: ncurses-bin
VERSION: 1.9.8a-3

On Fri, 29 Dec 1995, Ian Murdock wrote:

> I moved the tput package out of the distribution and into
> /debian/private/project/obsolete a few weeks ago.  Is there any reason we
> should save it?  I didn't delete it because I wasn't sure.  I assume that
> ncurses supercedes it, as it now has a clear, reset, and tput of its own.

I note that reset(1) operates differently from the previous one,
reporting the special character definitions for kill and intr as
well as (I trust) placing the terminal in a sane state.  Also, it
doesn't seem reset the terminal by sending a reset string from
the terminal database to stdout as the old one did.  Also, if it
doesn't recognize the terminal type, it prompts.  These changes in
behavior may break existing scripts which might rely on the previous
reset(1) behavior (though I imagine use of reset(1) in scripts is
pretty uncommon).

I'm not sure if the above ought to be considered bugs.  I tend to
think not.  However, the prompting for terminal type after finding
TERM set to an unknown terminal type doesn't seem to be working,
and that does seem to be a bug.

Script started on Sat Dec 30 09:37:29 1995
root:/root# TERM=crap
root:/root# reset
tset: unknown terminal type crap
Terminal type? linux
tset: unknown terminal type (null)
Terminal type? vt100
tset: unknown terminal type (null)
Terminal type? dumb
tset: unknown terminal type (null)
Terminal type?
root:/root# exit
Script done on Sat Dec 30 09:37:48 1995

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