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Re: install-info: # fixme: send to FSF ?

Karl Eichwalder writes (in email to me):
> have you tried to submit install-info already?  I think it's absolutly
> worth to do so.  Last days I have had some discussion with package
> maintainers of GNU software.  All these maintainers are asking me to ask
> the Texinfo maintainer to include install-info.
> Since it is you program I guess it is appropriate to ask you first.
> Thanks for the good work!  Karl.

Go for it, tell them to take it.  It's GPL'd, so there's no copyright

There is one problem foor us - install-info is part of our base (being
part of dpkg), and we can't move it into texinfo because it's needed
to install lots of other stuff.

I'm not sure how we should resolve that.


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