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Re: New ftp method for dselect

David Engel wrote:
> OK, so package file names don't parse easily.  Why couldn't the cross
> reference be included in the Packages file?  It's needed by dselect
> anyway.  Also, what about packages like ld.so where the file name
> doesn't match the package name (ldso)?  What am I missing?

Working towards consistent naming schemes is an excellent goal, but
there will always be the defiant package that breaks something (ldso is
a perfect example). So, an _optional_ cross-reference entry in the
Packages file would be a fine way of fixing the problem names.

I believe that several people posted regexps that covered (nearly) all
cases. Quite beyond me, really.

Here's a package that is begging to come out and break dselect:
Package: g--
priority: optional
section: devel
maintainer: S.T. Box <stb@more.money.than.ms.com>
version: 1.0.2
revision: 1
filename: debian-0.93/binary/devel/g----1.0.1-1.deb
description: The GNU C++ compiler for inexpensive, set-top box designs.

Sorry, but it just came to me.

The point is that there will always be something that messes with our
naming convention.

Jeffrey Ebert                              

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