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Re: Bug#2032: 2036. Printer stuck #3.

My grandma used to say that you catch many more flies with honey than vinegar.

> ...some dumb "problem reports system" 

This is really an attitude/frustration problem.  I know you must be
frustrated as hack by now but;

I sent you a detailed list of suggestions.  Free of charge.  I can see
that several others did the same.  We do not get paid for this effort,
nor do you.  Without friendly cooperation we will not get anywhere.

Looks to me that your system problems get boiled down to a stubborn
printer relationships (we are over the ``line printer'' issue.  Right?).
 I repeat my offer to save you the time and patience reading a Unix
introduction and explain to you the mechanics of what we are trying to
accomplish here, but you have to be interested in that explanation first.

I could try and guess what is wron with your system, why the printer
gets stuck, etc.  But you have to be willing to be helped.

If your purpose is to bitch Linux/Debian out, then my time is better
served elsewhere.  
Let my just point out to you that:
A.  The Debian project is underfunded about 1Billion:1 compared with M$.
B.  We produce upgrades and updates at the rate of 2-5 packages per day.
 About 100-200 times better than M$ could ever do.
C.  New O/S kernels are produced about 1-2/month, about 25 times faster
than M$ could ever do.
D.  The response time to your problem was measured in minutes.  You 
received help that is worth about $300 when purchsed from M$, over
$1,000 in value.
E.  Unlike M$, no one owes you anything.  just a friendly obligation of
honor to help a fellow man in time of need.

So, A glass of ice-water, a deep breath and call me at home tonight. 
I'll get you going.  If I can.

Simon (503).524.6631 or 579-4119


P.S.  Please ignore the below address and flame shimon@teleport.com.
      He receives and answers mail :-)

Simon Shapiro                                   Bullet Technologies, Inc.
shimon@Bullet-Tech.com                          13130 SW Haystack St.
(503) 524-6631                                  Beaverton, OR 97005

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