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Re: More ncurses...

On Fri, 15 Dec 1995, roro wrote:
> My bash is now (and should be in the future, maybe even with shared 
> readline):
> root@ernie:tty1:/lib# ldd /bin/bash
>         libncurses.so.3.0 => /lib/libncurses.so.3.0
>         libc.so.5 => /lib/libc.so.5.2.18
> and don't like to be invoked without libncurses.so.3.0 handy.  Is it
> really ok to move libncurses.so.3.0 to libncurses.so.3.0.new in pre

I thought of an obvious solution to this problem, and I'd like it shot 
down if possible:

simply write the scripts for doing these moves in something that's 
guaranteed to never depend on the library.  In this case, perl is the 
obvious answer.

Am I missing something?

"I'm a dinosaur.  Somebody's digging my bones."

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