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Re: dip/CSLIP trouble (again)

> When R6 first came out I found exactly the same problem.  If you compile
> SLIP/CSLIP into the kernel but *dont* load the modules for it, it will be
> fine.  When image/source etc are updated (perhaps along with the boot
> disks) it'll be ok...  Until the SLIP will work, just not CSLIP.

Bzzt.  He is using a custom-compiled, non-debian 1.2.13 with no
modules.  It has SLIP and CSLIP in the kernel, and both work, but dip
does not execute `route' or `ifconfig' after making the connection
as best as I can tell.  About all I haven't tried is `strace'.

In any case, I can't get SLIP or CSLIP to work with DIP.

On *my* machine, it works fine.  I'm not sure why; our kernels are
almost identical.



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