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Bug#2041: efax errors on installation

>   Karl Ferguson writes:
>   Karl> /var/lib/dpkg/info/efax.postinst: [: too many arguments -----
> Weird. I tested this a bit yesterday while I implemented it, and of course
> tested the installation on my box before I shipped efax --- in short, it
> doesn't do this on my computer.
> Can you trigger the error as well when you run efax.postinst yourself? Can
> you send me the efax.postinst and efax.preinst? How did you invoke dpkg?

Yuh - if I run it manually it gives the same error.  I invoked dpkg simply
with -i (--install) as per normal.  I'll send the efax.post* files
direct to you after I email this so as not clogg up the list.



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