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Re: ALPHA release of apache-1.0.0-1 now available

On Sun, 17 Dec 1995, Chris Fearnley wrote:
> This is a preliminary release.  It seems to work, but I'm disatisfied
> with my handling of httpd configuration (basically there is none - you
> have to edit /etc/httpd/* by hand).

Hmm.  That's what kept me from releasing mine.

Maybe we can decide what constitutes a resonable set of things to do at
install time?


* Should we create a new user and/or group to control access to the 
hierarchy of html files?  If so, why don't we make it "official" and get 
Bruce to include in the base /etc/group and /etc/passwd files.

* Where should we put the html hierarchy?  I mean, they could exist on 
/usr, since it doesn't per se matter if they're read-only or not, but it 
that "right"?  A lot of places use /home/html or some such---I personally 
don't think this is appropriate, but someone please tell me I'm wrong.

There are others, obviously.

We might also want to coordinate with Ted Hajek who maintains the cern httpd.

Also, you might want to rename the package to apache-httpd and the 
related directories and files, or you need to conflict with cern-httpd.

> And the server though compiled with
> gdbm support doesn't take advantage of the option of dynamicaly linking
> in modules.  Mainly because I haven't figured it out and I didn't have
> enough time.  Any apache experts who can advise me on how that works?

As I understand it, it requires dld, though I've been slowly getting the
impression that when using ELF, the interface for dynamic loading is the
same as that dld provides. 

Can anybody confirm/deny this?

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