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Bug#2039: X server font erosion

Robert Leslie wrote:
> Package: xserver-mach64
> Version: 3.1.2-2

> On occasion, apparently at random, certain characters of a particular font
> will become "eroded": the bottom portion of the character will blank, so that
> every newly drawn occurence of the character on the screen only shows the top
> portion.

I have the same problem.  Also, I've noticed that, apparently at random,
charactars from a certain font will be replaced by '=' (or at least
something that looks like an equals sign).

The problem doesn't seem to occur just using one or 2 xterms.  But after
running netscape (either locally or from a remote system), characters begin
to disappear.  Running frame maker produces the same error, but less often.

							- John Larkin

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