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Re: coming soon

> Bruce Perens writes:
> >From: Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk>
> >>>1. The "initrunlevel" file is moving to /etc from /var/log.
> >>/var/run, surely ?
> >
> >/var/run is possibly in a mounted filesystem. Init breaks if it can't
> >find this file. I've been thinking about using a named pipe so that
> >it will work with a read-only root. You can't change run-levels if
> >you can't write this file.
> Isn't it just as likely that /var/log will be on a mounted filesystem?
> (In fact /var is a separate filesystem on mine.)

In fact, isn't /etc guaranteed to be on the root filesystem?  I don't see
how a system can boot without it.  Why move initrunlevel at all?  I think
other distributions will leave it in /etc.


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