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Re: PCMCIA support in boot kernel? [a bloody fight]

] I'll try to add PCMCIA support to the follow-up release of 1.3.47.  47
] is already stable and I'd rather not de-stabilize it.  It will be
] released tonight or tomorrow.
] Any volunteers to check it as I have no way to test it.
[ ... ]

i'll check it, if you compile it.

i must shamefully admit that i threw in the towel in the PCMCIA
vs. Debian fight on my IBM 701 last night; i installed RedHat (which was
flawless and easy, btw.).  it was a long (two day) and bloody (at least
for me) fight, and it was making me very frustrated.

i just couldn't get any other transportation net than floppy net --
which for many reasons are very cumbersome for me -- up and running.
depmod on the PCMCIA modules failed when i got the binary release of the
PCMCIA modules from Slackware (for kernel 1.2.13, the same as i was
running); it complained about missing symbols and version mismatch
("1.2.13 does not match kernel version 1.2.13" or something strange like
that) and 8390.o was included as a module while the Debian kernel has it
compiled in?  well, i'm new to Debian/dynamically-loadable-kernel-modules/
PCMCIA, so bear with me.

well, next try was SLIP over the serial line.  i got about one text line
over the serial line before it locked up completely; even a
'stty -a </dev/ttyS0' hung.  i didn't even try SLIP as kermit/getty
wouldn't work.

it's a shame, really.  i'd much rather run Debian than RedHat as i like
to support GNU/FSF, and the systems really have about the same potential
in becoming great; both have package systems worth a damn.

Bjørn Stabell <mailto::bjoerns@acm.org>

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