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Bug#2032: Printer stuck until the COMPUTER'S Reset button is pushed!

Using: Debian 0.93R6 from ftp.debian.org.
On: 80386 DX 40
With: I/O card with a parallel port attached to...
And: HP Deskjet 500.

The printer works fine on DOS.

After booting Debian GNU/Linux the printer will not print,
the printer's own RESET button does nothing,
and the Power On Reset doesn't happen when cycling the printer power

The Linux command: ls > /dev/lp0
does nothing.

I have copied /usr/doc/HOWTO/Printing-HOWTO to /mnt... (my DOS disk),
pressed CTRL-ALT-DEL,
booted MS-DOS 6.20, and try to print, reset, cycle printer power,
all with no motion of any kind from the printer.

Only by pressing the RESET button on the COMPUTER,
and booting DOS then, of course, does the printer act normal and
do the RESET stuff and print things, such as the Printing-HOWTO.


The above reflects the observations of myself only, unless stated otherwise.

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