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Bug#1770: xntp dumps core with kernel 1.3.35

Andrew Howell's mail:
> Austin Donnelly writes:
> > Package: xntp
> > Version: 3.4x-1
> >
> > The 'struct timex' structure has changed in the newser 1.3.x kernels
> > (for x approx > 28 or so, I'm told).
> >
> > This means that xntpd binaries compiled agains old kernels dumps core
> > on startup.
> >
> > I'm told that version 3.4t has support for the latest linux, but I
> > haven't tried it.
> I haven't been able to find 3.4t, it's not on louie.udel.edu. If it does
> exist I'd be happy for someone to point me to it :)

I just stepped over this problem; in my opinion it's not a problem of
xntpd, but of libc 4.6.27, adjtime().

I think libc 4.6.27 was compiled with an older kernel; in the meantime,
the struct timex was enlarged.

In libc-4.6.27/sysdeps/linux/__adjtime.c, a
local variable
	struct timex tntx
is used and
gets called.

As the kernel now writes behind the end of tntx, the stack gets

The problem should go away if a libc 4.6.27 compiled with the new struct
timex gets used.

See also libc-4.6.27/README.distributors.

> > Also, there is the problem that there would need to be _2_ xntp
> > packages, one for old kernels, one for new kernels.  Eugh!!
> >
> > Can anyone think of a better idea ?
> I've fixed this core dumping problem in xntp-3.4x-2. It seems to run fine
> under 1.2.x kernels as well.

Fine ... :-)

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