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Re: Bug#1979: auctex postinst is completely insane

> Package: auctex
> Version: 9.2y-7
> The postinst backgrounds itself.  How can you tell if it succeeds or
> fails ?

The postinst steps through the tex directories and generates .el code
for auc-tex's use.  This process can take a long time on slow

I decided to background it, and output all data to a /tmp file. It
tells the user this information.  The alternative is to sit around and
wait 30 minutes while it builds all the files on slow machines (30 to
45 minutes on an old 486 w/ 8 megs RAM).

Perhaps I should have postinst ask whether or not the .el file should
be generated?  And have a script to go through and make them?  Should
it never be backgrounded?


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