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Bug#2006: elf xlib for tk40.

On Mon, 11 Dec 1995, David H. Silber wrote:

> Package: tk40
> Version: 4.0p3-1
> This requires elf-x11r6lib, which does not exist.  I installed xlib-3.1.2-2,
> which does not seem to provide what I need, but is the latest xlib available.
> I then forced the install of tk40 and found out that I am still missing the
> elf xlib, or something.  Upgrading to tk40 is my whole reason for switching
> to elf at this time, so this is kind of disappointing.

elf-x11r6lib should be in project/experimental/elf. It's an interim
package, and should hopefully be superceded later this week when I
release the ELF X packages.

Steve Early

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