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ncurses out within the hour...

I'll be uploading the new shared-lib ELF ncurses package(s) within the 
hour (just as soon as I rebuild the dist files to get rid of a few 
spurious nohup.out files I left behind...).

I think I've got all bases covered, but I'd certainly not mind having a 
few especially adventurous souls looking at it before it's moved into 
public view.

In addition to the standard tests, I've compiled ncftp to use it and it
seems to behave exactly like the one built with the slightly older static
libs.  Nevertheless, I suppose that maintainers of ncurses-dependent 
packages might want to only make revised packages available on an 
experimental basis for a week or so.

Or we could just plunge right in feet-first. :-)

"I'm a dinosaur.  Somebody's digging my bones."

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