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Re: 1.0 on Infomagic CD

> Someone told me that Infomagic has announced a CD containing Debian 1.0,
> available in about a week. This would be a real disaster, since 1.0 is far
> from ready for anyone but a developer to use it. I will contact Infomagic,
> and I think we'd better write an announcement to linux-announce after that
> if they've already mastered the CD.
> I think also it's time to put non-released systems under password access.

I was going to suggest with all these people querying about 1.0 that we have
an an account on ftp.debian.org with access to debian-1.0 directory so we
lock out normal public ftp access.  I myself have noticed quite a few people
coming in and nabbing 1.0 packages thinking that they were the ones to use
(IGNORING the README-USE-0.93 stuff etc) only to find that they couldnt use
it and come back to get the 0.93 packages.

I'm not sure about mirrors though, I guess we'll have to lock them out as
well because of the same reason - seems a pitty really.

I also feel that with 1.0 and all the new developers (myself included) that
all the normal users out there that would like to use 1.0 because of all the
new packages in there.  However, if we dont leave open 1.0 to people who
arent devolpers (but wish to test and find bugs for us) then what are we to


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