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Bug#1984: dpkg won't install cdtool

Michael Alan Dorman writes ("Re: Bug#1984: dpkg won't install cdtool"):
> I'll see if I can re-create it.  I'll mention that I _may_ have done the
> first installation of cdtool with 1.0.6, but then you warned people away
> from it and I grabbed 1.0.7, which is what I was using when I could not
> install it.

If you were bitten by the stupid bug in 1.0.6 you'll have noticed,
since it will have prevented dselect from installing anything - but
you said (or Raul said) that you weren't using dselect anyway.

> I upgraded and installed other programs with no trouble during this same
> time period.

That's somewhat encouraging.

I can't think of anything that could cause dpkg to think a file was on
the disk when it wasn't except some other program somewhere having
actually removed it.

Very old versions of dpkg have problems in this area, so if you
installed several `overlapping' packages a long time ago you might
find effects like this.


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