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Re: dselect user interface (was Re: Bug#1959: binutils desc should says its necessary for gcc)

>That's right.  I need someone to design a completely different user
>interface for the package selection function in dselect.  The current
>list interface will survive and just have "- wizard mode" tacked onto
>the menu item.  Most people will use "- normal mode" or whatever we
>decide to call it.

I think that the list of packages should be split up some way in order
to reduce the feeling of overload one can get when looking at a list
of hundreds.  The current organization into sections is probably a
good place to start, though cross-section dependencies may make this
hard.  Sections like devel are also quite crowded, so possibly there
should be some other criterion (e.g. distinguishing between devel/
packages which are `standard' and those which are merely `recommended'
and so on.)

There should probably be a *really* dumbed down version which just
asks `do you want to install the development tools' and such
questions.  But I think there may need to be a level between this and
the current dselect as well.

Richard Kettlewell  richard@uk.geeks.org  http://www.elmail.co.uk/staff/richard/

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