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Re: dpkg in ftp.debian.org:/debian/stable

Ian Murdock writes ("Re: dpkg in ftp.debian.org:/debian/stable"):
> Of course, I might be mistaken, and I might have moved it by accident.

Let's not go into post-mortems, they're going to be unproductive.
I wasn't as clear in my announcement as I ought to have been, IIRC.

What this shows, I think, is really that we need a way for this
information to be stylised in the announcement.

I've been stalling on the changes file stuff because I've become less
convinced that reformatting the announcement back and forth between
dchanges format and the "human-readable-announcement" format is a good
idea.  Perhaps instead it would be better for me to write a
syntax-checker for the human-readable format, and for dchanges to be
changed to produce that format ?  Sorry to open this can of worms
again ...


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