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Re: FTP Installation & Package Naming Conventions

(Moved to debian-devel)

Raul Miller writes ("Re: FTP Installation & Package Naming Conventions"):
> If you lose track of the architecture on an executable, you can use
> 'file' to figure things out.  I suppose it would be nice to have some
> similar mechanism for debian packages.  Ian, how about a target
> architecture field in the control file?

I can do that.  I'll think about exactly what its format and semantics
should be and post when I have some ideas.

> Well, ideally it would be nice to have a routine which renames debian
> packages based on their control files.  Once this is written, it might
> be meaningful to say that files on the ftp site have had this run on
> them with some standard set of options...

For the information to be encoded reversibly we need to do one of two

1. Insist that no packages contain hyphens immediately followed by
digits in their name, and that no version numbers start with

2. Use another convention for separating the version and revision.
There are relatively few safe metacharacters here - I'd be inclined
simply to double up the existing hyphen, so that we have something


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