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Ian Murdock back... again.

Hello... again.

When I mailed debian-user last Monday about having not read mail for
over a week, I forgot that my wife and I had reserved a moving truck
for the next day.  So, a few hours after I mailed debian-user, I had
to box my computer, and I didn't get a chance to reassemble it until
this morning.

Anyway, I still haven't read my mail yet.  That makes two weeks since
I've read or replied to any mail.  No, I'm not dead or anything--I've
just been extrememly busy.

So... we'll try this again. :)  If you sent something important to me
over the last few weeks and you don't hear from me in, say, four days,
please send it again.

Also, I forgot to upload the manual before I boxed the computer.  I did
so this morning, but when I tried to upload it just now, I found that I
no longer have an account on ftp.debian.org.  Matt, could you fix this?

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