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Re: Bug#1916: perl: wrong entries in Config.pm

BTW, I assume that followups to debian-bugs go to debian-devel.  Is this

Peter Tobias spoke unto the world and said:
>Package: perl
>Version: 5.002-1 (a.out)
>The following entries in /usr/lib/perl5/i486-linux/5.002/Config.pm
>are wrong:

Well, technically, they aren't since that's where it was installed and
perl has the concept of different install and executable paths.  It's
easy enough to fix though.

>I'm not sure how important the following entries are. Maybe they should
>be generated in the postinst script (Config.pm should be a conffile then).
>myuname='linux perv 1.2.13 #3 thu sep 21 01:26:52 pdt 1995 i486 '

The first three can be replaced rather easily with postinst but the last
two should stay the same since I am the one who did the cf (configure).
We don't want to make Config.pm a conffile because we want it definitely
replaced on each new rev.  Only Configure (and possibly postinst) should
edit it.

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