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Re: convenience script for building a.out packages

Chris Fearnley <cjf@netaxs.com> wrote:

> But what does FSSTND say about subdirectories of /usr/bin?  I would
> hate to have the mh utilities stored in with the illions of programs
> already in /usr/bin.  And where would the netpbm tools be stored [I
> dislike Red Hat's solution of all >100 utilities getting mixed up in
> /usr/bin]?

Ick!  I usually build things myself with something equivalent to this (in
GNU autoconf speak):

        ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/netpbm

So, I'd put MH under /usr/local/mh or /usr/mh.  That way, the bin, lib,
include, et al directories are rooted at the same spot and you can more
easily put them on a file server and mount them en masse.  That's really
the way XFree86 is - a directory tree rooted at /usr/X11R6.  I would
expect (but don't have the FSSTND handy right now) that /usr/bin/X11 is a
symlink to /usr/X11R6/bin or something close to that.

> Anyway, I'd like an option to avoid having > 500 programs in /usr/bin.
> Let "modularity" ring :)


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