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Bug#1902: manpage for wtmp wrong

Hallo Andrew Howell!

}> Package: manpages
}> Version: 1.8-1

}> (I'm being picky, but...)
}> According to the Contents file, wtmp is located in /etc - which it is.  However,
}> the wtmp manpage says it's in /var/adm.  I'd say this would be a manpages
}> problem rather than a base problem...  Oh while I'm at it, I'm not sure but it
}> could be the same error for the utmp.
}/var/adm is linked to /var/log, wtmp is in /var/adm.
}utmp is in /var/run
}wtmp is not in /etc on my system

So the bugreport can be closed, right?



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