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Bug#1910: minor bugs in X, perl, dlltools

Package: X, perl, dlltools, mt, tar
Version: ?, 5.001-5, 2.17-3, ?, ?

I have debian 0.93R6 (stable), all installed last week to empty disk.

About X: I change the link
  /usr/X11R6/bin/X -> /etc/X11/X
  X -> XF86_S3   (in /usr/X11R6/bin/)
since /etc/X11/X no exists (still not there).

About perl-installing: installation gave error messages about missing
/usr/local/include directory. Following helped:
  mkdir /usr/local/include
BTW. /usr/local/include misses man/man*, man/cat*, src/ directories too.

About dlltools: I had to make following link because the compilation
of Dore (graphics software) needs '/usr/bin/jump':
  ln -s /usr/bin/jumpas /usr/bin/jump

About 'mt': 'mt' manual page does have two 'eof' commands listed.
And 'eom' is missing entirely even from the program; 'eom' is
mentioned in ftape documents.
BTW. missing 'eom' is not a big thing, since there is 'fsf'.

About 'tar': tar manual page is missing

Juhana Kouhia

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