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Re: miscutils snag/questions for all

Jeff Noxon writes ("Re: miscutils snag/questions for all"):
> Bruce Perens wrote:
> > It's a mess. I wish that all of the programs we need from util-linux
> > were distributed separately, that way we could package them individually.
> > I'd prefer to split util-linux into smaller packages, if you have time
> > to do that.
> I'd prefer it that way.  I'll work on it.
> If anyone else has any comments, please send me a note.

Be careful about splitting a base package up.  You can't install two
packages simultaneously, so there's a risk of someone replacing the
big miscutils with a small one and having none of the programs that
are in other packages in the new scheme left.

There are a variety of ways to deal with this - I'd like Jeff to tell
me what he'd like the new package structure to look like so that I can
advise him how to get from here to there.


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