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Re: Some questions concerning further sysklogd upload

Martin Schulze writes ("Some questions concerning further sysklogd upload"):
> We (Greg and myself) are now at a late stadium right before releasing
> 1.3 of our sysklogd package. To have a smooth introtuction I have to
> get some answers to some questions before can it for debian I
> have. Hopefully the maintainers are willing to answer. :-)
> 1. Who is responsible for kernel versions? If you use a kernel version
>    less than 1.3.43 you'll need to apply a patch. So I probably need
>    to know the maintainers of the 1.2.x and 1.3.y versions.

Is this patch really necessary ?  Users should be able to make Debian
work with the stock stable kernels, surely ?

> 2. Who is responsible for entries in the /etc/services file?

Peter Tobias, the net packages' maintainer, I think.

> 3. How do I get a possibly non-existing manpage removed within the
>    installation procedure?

I may be confused here, what do you mean ?  There's a manpage that may
or may not be there already and you want it not to be there ?  Where
did it come from ?

When upgrading dpkg will automatically remove files that are not in
the new version of the package.


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