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Bug#1895: run-parts does not run scripts without #!/...

Harald Schueler writes ("Bug#1895: run-parts does not run scripts without #!/..."):
> Package: miscutils
> Version: 1.3-5
> Run-parts does not run scripts not beginning with #!/... This may not be
> a bug, but it should be documented. run-parts --test, however, displays
> _all_ scripts, which is rather confusing, and not a test at all.

It does run them - or try to, anyway.  It invokes `system' in Perl.
Unfortunately Perl does the wrong thing when you say
 $foo='./t'; system($foo './u');
if ./t isn't a proper executable script.  IMO it should produce a
message to stderr, but it doesn't.  Instead $? is set to 62580 and no
message is produced.


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