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Re: antisocial X11 apps: xtet42, chimera

Andrew Howell writes:
>Bill Mitchell writes:

>>Dx -- dunno.  Didn't take note when I had it open.  I grepped
>>/var/log/messages for a bogomips figure, but that's apparently
>>no longer part of the startup.  As I recall under earlier kernels,
>>it was low -- perhaps 6.something.  Better than the 386 I used
>>to run, which was about 4.3.
>Hmmm you said it was a 40 MHz machine? but you think you get 6 something
>bogomips, that sounds strange. My understanding of bogomips for 486s is
>that it's half the clockspeed.

My understanding and experience concur with this.  486DX/40 at home
gives c. 20 BogoMips.  486DX2/66 at works claims c. 33 BogoMips.


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