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Re: aout-* packages

On Fri, 17 Nov 1995, David Engel wrote:
> The kernel can still be compiled in a.out format.  The a.out
> development tools aren't completely going away.  They just won't be
> the default.  If you really want to compile 1.2.13 in ELF format, I
> suggest you politely request Linus to update it one last time.

As I remember, from trying to get a 1.3 kernel to compile with debian's
gcc-elf, the Makefiles for the kernel don't seem to be set up in such a
way as to make it easy to redefine and then propogate $(CC) -- which would
seem necessary to use 'gcc -b i486-linuxaout'. 

I guess it is worth while to at least find out if 1.2.14 is totally out 
of the question --- I seem to remember a few other small bugfixes which 
were slated to appear.

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