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Re: ELF packages

> I've started working on mine.  The second package build failed
> because it uses curses.
> The plan, AFAK, is to junk curses in favor of ncurses.  However,
> I recall that Bruce put the ncurses package up for grabs.  Would
> it be possible to get an elf libncurses?  Is the stuff in

I believe Ray Dassen is going to do one unless the new maintainer
steps forward quickly.

> /usr/include/ncurses to be repositioned to /usr/include or to
> remain in /usr/include/ncurses?

In my last interim package, I put things in /usr/include and added
a symlink from /usr/include/ncurses to . (/usr/include) so as to not
break old code.

> > Also, I see that we no longer have /usr/include/curses.h, but do
> have /usr/include/bsd/curses.h.

I suspect that it's an oversight.  H.J.?

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