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Re: md5sum passwords

Daniel Quinlan writes ("Re: md5sum passwords"):
> 1. Release a new copy.  Make it very public.
> It has been my experience that contributors are more apt to continue
> contributing if things aren't kept so private and are updated often.

I agree entirely.

>  - People like to see the results of their work
>  - People like to contribute to projects that are moving forward
>    at a significant pace or are updated often.
>  - People don't like to repeat work.  Knowing the status of things
>    means that you won't repeat work.
>  - The urge to work is often the result of seeing something new that
>    you have strong feelings about (positive or negative).
> 2. Stop calling it a draft, call it a work in progress.

I agree here too.

It's critically important to get things out of the door quickly.  We
can revise them later - especially with manuals, for example.


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