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Re: Bug#1859: Start/stop scripts do not work when not invoked by init

Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk> said:

> [...] It's just that /etc/init.d/functions is
> obsolete, and should be replaced with an empty file so that people
> stop thinking it's useful :-).
> It shouldn't be removed until all the packages that source it have
> been updated not to do so, or they'll all fall over.

Not only that.  Done right, attempts to downgrade one of those packages
to a version which requires /etc/init.d/functions should be refused
after the sysvinit package is upgraded to a version which does not
suppoly /etc/init.d/functions.

As I understand it, the supported mechanism for doing this is for the
sysvinit package to declare version-based conflicts with the latest
version of each individual package and version which requires 
/etc/init.d/functions.  This is unlikely to happen, I'd guess.  That 
means that packages will be able to be downgraded to earlier versions 
which will fall over because of /etc/init/functions being missing.

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