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Re: Bug#1859: Start/stop scripts do not work when not invoked by init

Andrew Howell writes:
> Ian Jackson writes:
> > Harald Schueler writes:
> > > I think "functions" should restore the arguments. The following patch
> > > makes works for me:
> > 
> > I prefer the patch below.
> Heh :) Remember we're being nice to each other now Ian :)

I didn't mean I didn't like his patch.  I'm sure it does the right
thing as far as it goes.  It's just that /etc/init.d/functions is
obsolete, and should be replaced with an empty file so that people
stop thinking it's useful :-).

It shouldn't be removed until all the packages that source it have
been updated not to do so, or they'll all fall over.  (None of them
actually *use* any of the functions in it.)


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