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Re: Bug#1834: [kubla@goofy.zdv.Uni-Mainz.de: /etc/profile on Debian Linux]

Steve Greenland writes:
>[/etc/profile suggestion] 
>>   if [ -f $HOME/$ARCH-linux ]; then
>>     PATH=$HOME/$ARCH-linux:$PATH
>>   else
>>     mkdir $HOME/bin 2>/dev/null
>>     PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH
>>   fi
>I don't think /etc/profile should be creating directories in my home

Agree.  They should be created when the account is created, or (IMHO
better) not at all.

>I think if is someone is sufficiently Unix literate to be adding
>their own commands, they can probably make the appropriate
>modifications to PATH in their own .profile.
>Maybe put "PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH" in the skel version, commented out?

I don't see any harm in including the directory in the PATH even if
it's not there.  Or even do

        if test -d $HOME/bin; then PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH;fi


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