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Bug#1853: top fails after 130 processes?

Hello Karl Ferguson!

}Package: procps
}Version: 0.97-4

}I was running top on my system tonight and it showed the stats of 124
}processes etc etc.  Then on the next "view" 5 seconds later it spits out:
}top: Help!  Too many processes
}Then it exits, and wont let me run it until it's below 130ish - is this what
}it's meant to do?  Otherwise killing processes that run away when using over
}120 odd processes would be murder going through a normal ps list.

As I remember this is a strange behaviour. It is based in two things:

a) newer kernel have a process limit of 256, if I'm correct. (I don't
   remember where this is defined)

b) Older kernel only have a limit of 130 or so. A `top' that was
   compiled on such a system will only allow you to have that much

In former times this was a trick to test the distribution. You can
easily check wether the maintainer made the work to compile this
himself or to copy it from whereever. I'm a bit confused if this beat
Debian, too.



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