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I've started writing the deluser script I mentioned a while back.

As one would expect, it has a configuration file which can control
precisely what it does.  At the moment I intend that the configuration
file be, in fact, a piece of Perl which is executed by the script as
it runs - this is the most general possible solution, of course, but
if anyone has any good reasons why it's a bad idea then they should
speak now.

(One obvious objection: not everyone speaks perl.  I think it should
be possible to provides examples and recipes to achieve simple

My intention is to support two types of deletion, which I shall call
cancellation and deletion.  Cancellation doesn't actually remove any
user files, it just sets the users shell to CANCELLED and prevents any
further logins.

Deletion, on the other hand, deletes all traces of the user from the
system.  Typical operation might be to cancel users and then delete
all cancelled users (say) a month later.

I feel this is the best way of solving the question of precisely what
should be deleted on account termination (IIRC this was the principal
area of discussion when I first stated the intention to write this

(These are not the only ways of using the script; its precise
behaviour can be quite finely tuned both by the configuration file and
from the command line, if necessary.)

Richard Kettlewell richard@uk.geeks.org http://www.elmail.co.uk/staff/richard/

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