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Bug#1833: srb@cuci.nl: patch for Debian sysklogd package]

Hallo Bruce Perens!

}Note that Stephen is the author of the Procmail and SmartList programs
}(which operate our list server). Turning off the fsync is indeed a big
}win on a machine that operates mailing list. There may be 4 syslog() calls
}for each subscriber every time a message goes to a mailing list. This
}ends up being continuous disk rattling.
}This switch solves the immediate problem, but making a way to tune this
}in syslog.conf would be even nicer.

So you would like to have something like

	auth.info    /var/log/auth
	mail.info    -/var/log/auth

in the configuration file? The `-' indicating that the logfile
shouldn't be fsync'd?

I have to think about it some time.



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