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Re: ftp.debian.org incoming.uk needs update

(This is a rant.)

Matthew Bailey writes ("Re: ftp.debian.org incoming.uk needs update"):
> The UK machine keeps dropping connection part way through. be patient it 
> will all arrive soon.

They forgot to water our piece of string, so our transatlantic traffic
has fallen back to the carrier pigeons (see RFC1149).

My inbound SMTP connections from vger.rutgers.edu are timing out
before they've even been set up properly, and are leaving all sorts of
nasty messages in my syslog.  Perhaps we should go back to X.25,
store-and-forward, and hugely overloaded central mail relays :-/.

This is all really ironic, given that networking within UK academia is
so fast my ethercard gets saturated before I hit the limit on the link
to London.  I've seen up to 300Kbytes/sec on large files when the
system at my end was a large and idle machine.  This is also why it's
so annoying that the main UK archive site, src.doc.ic.ac.uk, *still*
has a broken Debian mirror, despite repeated mail messages from
several people, phone calls, &c.  They've run out of disk space now.

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