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sbpcd module init


<blush> Of course, your problem was with the loadable kernel module...
so much for "think first, post later..."</blush>

Anyway, here is the answer you want. From the 1.2.13 README.sbpcd in the
"drivers" directory...

Using sbpcd as a "loadable module":

If you do NOT select "Matsushita/Panasonic CDROM driver support" during the
"make config" of your kernel, you can build the "loadable module" sbpcd.o.
Read /usr/src/linux/README.modules on this.

If sbpcd gets used as a module, the support of more than one interface
card (i.e. drives 4...15) is disabled.

You can specify interface address and type with the "insmod" command like:
 # insmod /usr/src/linux/modules/sbpcd.o sbpcd=0x340,0
 # insmod /usr/src/linux/modules/sbpcd.o sbpcd=0x230,1
where the last number represents the SBPRO setting (no strings allowed here).

Note the number coming after the address argument is defined in sbpcd.h...
for a soundblaster, as it says, the value should be one.

Lastly, I presume (but have not tried) using arguments in the /etc/modules
file. If it won't take them, it should only be a bit of tweaking to get 
it to go. It *should* allow the modules to take arguments...

-Andrew. <adfernan@cnd.mcgill.ca>

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