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Re: ELF conversion

> > Surely, we've got a few FSSTND participants besides you lurking here.
> > Dan Quinlan, are you out there?
> I'll try to get this discussed by the FSSTND, but there are some
> rather heated discussions going on around the proposed BSD merger, and
> some people don't seem to like me very much.


> > OK, but why even let the installation get to the preinst script?  How
> > about we add a new dependency field in the control files which tells
> > dpkg that the specified packages/versions must already be completely
> > installed (unpacked *and* configured) before installing the new
> > package?  This seems *much* cleaner to me and won't clutter up some
> > directory with a bunch of xyz-available links to /bin/true.
> But these fields would only be used by the base packages, and the base
> packages depend on practically nothing except the libc (and sometimes
> each other).
> If I provide and document such a field all sorts of other packages
> will start to use it, which will break people's attempts to do
> bulk-upgrade.

So.  Why would we treat these misuses differently than any other bugs?

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