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Bug#1800: missing terminfo keydefs

package: ncurses-runtime
version: 1.9.4-0

I'm no ncurses or terminfo expert, but I've been trying to get ae working
with terminfo in anticipation of the junking of termcap, and I've run
into some missing key definition problems for TERM=linux.  I've looked
at the terminfo source in an earlier version (1.8.7) which I happen to
have available, and find keydefs apparently missing from data/linux.
The apparent missing defs I noticed are for kf20-kf29 (Shifted F1-F10,
or f11-f20), kil1 (insert key) and kdel1 (delete key).

I haven't checked files other than data/linux.  At a minimum, data/linux
and data/xterm should be defined to the keys available on the usual PK
keyboards, I'd expect.

It's very possible that I'm missing something here but, in my ignorance,
that's what it looks like to me.

mitchell@mdd.comm.mot.com (Bill Mitchell)

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