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Re: 1.0 issues: Packaging (esp. source)

> Yup, I'm here (but I don't necessarily read debian-devel very closely).
> We are about to embark (well, sometime in the next few months) on the
> design for RPM 2.0.  Would it make sense for us to set up a mailing
> list for package issues?  (we've been thinking about setting up an
> rpm-list@redhat.com).

That's something I've been thinking of too. If this gets enough
advertising among the other distributors (or perhaps even the free BSDs),
we could get to a PCKGSTND.

I've been looking at the RPM HowTo, and it looks like the prime advantage
of RPM over the current debian system is that it uses pristine sources.
>From what I read, it looks like the Debian system is more sophisticated
(e.g. dependencies, start-stop-daemon and such).

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